Quality subcontractors are always in the demand; therefore, S&W seeks to maintain a diverse pool of qualified subcontractors across all construction disciplines.

If you would like to add your company to our list, please complete the Pre-Qualification Statement form and return it to info@sandwsales.com for screening.

Subcontractors Pre-Qualification Form – download

Below are additional forms that can be downloaded and submitted once you are approved to be added to our list of qualified subcontractors.

  1. Form W-9 – download
  2. Form wh347 Payroll – download
  3. S&W Instruction for Certified Payroll – download
  4. S&W Sample Certificate of Insurance – download
  5. S&W Subcontractor Agreement Checklist – download
  6. S&W Final Release of Lien – download
  7. S&W Conditional Release of Lien Upon Progress Payment – download